Trent is extremely active in travel sports and with the vitamins determined by you,
exercises, and the continued scheduled adjustments, we are seeing a stronger
healthier, 10 year old boy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your care,
concern, and personal interest in helping get Trent back on his feet ready to take on
the world!

The Marchand Family

Another thing that we appreciate is Dr. Campbell’s front office staff. Marcy and Audrey are fantastic. Not once have we called where we didn’t get a courteous and helpful response from both ladies.

Well, tomorrow we start our fourth week. We look forward to our appointments; it is probably because of the confidence Dr. Campbell has given us, plus the whole pleasant atmosphere in his office.

I would like to add that my kidney issue and my wife’s sinus and allergies have noticeably improved in only three weeks. We are very happy campers.

David H., Nevada

The bottom line is that I appreciative your expertise and experience. Your treatments, including adjustments have been astounding. I am grateful for you services and extremely appreciative of the care at the Campbell Wellness Center. Correspondingly, please note that your staff, (“WOW”) as I have labeled them, have been wonderful and incredible. They really help make the process relaxing and comfortable. Thanks very much!


I heard about the Cold Laser Therapy and of Dr. James Campbell, I made an appointment. The experience that I then had would be difficult to duplicate. The staff were so considerate and kind it was like I was visiting someone’s home, not a Doctor’s office. The physical I was given was the best I have ever had, and Doctor Campbell listened to me as I explained my pain. He answered my questions and asked questions. We talked, something that seems unusual in a Doctor’s office. He not only addressed my pain, but helped me with nutritional needs and with his expertise with Kinesiology, found that it was the dye in the cement used in the knee replacement that was causing much of the pain. With a combination of Chiropractic, Cold Laser, Nutritional Supplements and Detoxification the pain that I had experienced for years, was gone.

Lola O.