Please Join the Patient Referral Program at Campbell Wellness Center in Las Vegas, NV

The highest possible compliment you can give us at Campbell Wellness Center is a personal referral. To reward our patients for placing such a large amount of trust in our clinic we offer our Patient Referral Program.

For every patient referred to our office for general chiropractic care we offer a $20 Gift Certificate for the Campbell Wellness Center to be used for any supplements, supplies, hyperbaric treatment, spinal decompression, detox therapy, or laser therapy.

Every referral for Hyperbaric Treatment is rewarded with a $100 Gift Certificate. Every Spinal Decompression referral also qualifies for a $100 Gift Certificate.

These are mailed to our patients after their referral has come in to the office for their first visit.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (702) 734-8844.