Las Vegas Cold Laser Therapy for acute and chronic pain at Campbell Wellness Center, a Las Vegas Chiropractic Office

The Erchonia Laser

Erchonia Laser was founded in 1996 with the purpose of advancing the art and science of health through the development and distribution of superior lasers. Erchonia is dedicated to the highest quality standards, evidenced by their ISO 9000 and ISO 13000 manufacturing standards. They have built an impeccable reputation in the sports market, working with a growing number of professional organizations including the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Brewers and Lance Armstrong.

How Does it Work?

Numerous scientific studies and research articles discussing Low Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) exist, however, the simple answer for how they work is through photonic absorption. Laser light energy converts into chemical energy which initiates a cascade of events at a cellular level. LLLT promotes healing in hundreds of conditions because it penetrates the skin, increases the ATP and activates enzymes, again at the cellular level. A strong growth factor response within the cells and tissue is a result of the increased ATP and protein synthesis that LLLT promotes. This also improves healthy cell reproduction and proliferation. Another benefit of LLLT is pain relief as a result of increased endorphin release; this in turn strengthens the immune system response by increasing levels of lymphocyte (white blood cell) activity.

When studying the biological effects of lasers on cells and tissue, the word bio-modulation is often used. This refers to the stimulation of cells and tissue to align in their most natural state. The goal in bio-modulation is to stimulate without exceeding the cell or tissue ability to function properly. For example: The goal is to function in the target range. When tissue is damaged and functioning below normal, Erchonia laser can bio-modulate the cells to their natural wavelength. The same is true for cells or tissue that are functioning above the target range.

What Conditions can be Treated?

LLLT has been successfully used to treat conditions such as acute and chronic pain, repetitive use disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, soft tissue strains and sprains, as well as treating injuries to reduce inflammation, enhance soft-tissue wound healing, and quickly regenerate healthy cells.

Are There any Side Effects?

With over 1500 studies now published, not a single one to date mentions any negative side effects of semi-conductor diode lasers at the 5mW range like the Erchonia Lasers. Low Level Lasers are safe, non-toxic and non-invasive. Some necessary common sense precautions do need to be considered, such as not pointing the laser beam directly into the eye and leaving it there.

How Long are the Treatments?

Treatments can vary in time from seconds to minutes depending on the condition. Research studies show that there may be a dose dependent response, so it may be more effective to treat at lower doses (shorter exposures) at multiple intervals then to treat a single time with a high (long exposure) dose.

How Long does the Treatment Last?

Treatment plans may vary, depending on the specific condition(s) being treated. For instance, an acute soft tissue injury or open wound may initially respond best with multiple frequent treatments (to encourage accelerated healthy cell regeneration and proliferation) with widening intervals as the condition improves.

This new laser technology is truly amazing! Already its track record has proven 3LT capable of helping many, in some cases even offering an alternative to surgery. Lance Armstrong’s chiropractor used the Erchonia Laser as part of his therapy treatment while competing in the Tour De France!

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